Being Like Christ

I have been reading a number of verses that tells us to be like Christ, to be Christ Minded. I really didn’t quite understand what exactly God wants us to be like when He said we should put on Christ “Gal 3:27”. It’s like we have be one person. Not an easy thing to do but hey, the bible needs us to be like that, i will tell you a story,,

Just Last week i was at a Youth Camp and we went with these pair of Twins Charmy and Chantel. These two look identical like crazy identical. I spent 7 days with them but until now i don’t know who is who. I remember well when the other twin said something about the other twin which was provoking (not in a really bad way) i laughed at what she said. After some minutes they were both together and i was like “looking at the one who provoked the other” can i tell you what your said when you asked her about the airtime credit cards. Then to my surprise she is like please don’t tell her. And I’m like ‘in my mind’ wait am i talking to the same person who said it. I thought it was the other twin. The thing about these two girls is they are identical, they wear the same clothes yes, you read that right completely the same. It becomes so freaking hard to tell who is who. They carry the same water bottles, same color same size. It is crazy as it sounds🙌. But cool in a way.

So as i was trying to figure out who is who. God revealed something to me. He said this is exactly what i will be saying when i say Have a Christ Like Image, Have A Mind Like Mine. All He wants us to do is Love Like Him, Be Kind and Patient Like HIM, Be Doers Of The Word like His Son, Pray for People and Bring healing to them like His Son.

But you what the great Part of all this is we can do greater that Him. Because He said it in the Bible John 14:12 Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things. That’s how much He wants us to be like Him. He is no competition with us, He is Not Afraid that we will greater than Him because that Same Power that will make us love more, care for people more, have self control more, it is His Power.

1john 2:6
1Peter 2:21
John 13:13-17
1 Cor. 11-1
Eph 5:1-2
Eph 4: 22-24 Let your Next Thing this Year be More Of Him and Greater Than What He Did. Because He wants us to be like That. He will give you the power and strength to do so because He Is Power. He Is the I Am. He Is Him. And He wants us to Be Like Him. Let’s be identical.

Becoming Deep In Love!

Luke 5:10, And so was also James, and John, the sons of Zebedee, which were partners with Simon. And Jesus said unto Simon, Fear not; from henceforth thou shalt catch men.

the disciples were once Fishers of fish but when Jesus was amongst them and called them they became Fishers Of Man…. Now what this means is when you are a child of God and God Lives in you, you must be a Fisher Of Man. From the passage it says they went (Luke 5:4 Now when he had left speaking, he said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught) .
Deep. By Deep means Deep! ⏬⏬

30:But their scribes and Pharisees murmured against his disciples, saying, Why do ye eat and drink with publicans and sinners?

Deep then comes in This part. And also the Fishers of men part. He was mingling with sinners this is deep. All righteous people be like i don’t talk to drunkards, smokers, prostitutes etc etc. But Hey Get over your act of being “righteous”! I mean Jesus the most Righteous one, man without sin not even a scratch of sin talked to sinners!. Why? Because he wanted to show them the love of God, that His arms are wide open to everyone. That’s what He wants Us to do be like Him. Show God’s love to everyone especially to sinners. That’s what God Is! We got to Use the Gospel to attract The Lost to come to God.

Be the Christian Friend who reveals God’s Love. Love your friend in spite of who They Are. Show them Love slowly they will change💓💓.. Don’t Judge. Preach them the Word with Love. Let the Spirit Lead You when You talk To Them. Pray Deep Inside of You whenever you are Around them. INVITE THEM TO CHURCH. LOVE THEM!

The Power Of Giving From The Heart!

I was walking in town this other day, then i met a beggar and he was also blind. He was walking holding a plate chanting some words asking for help. There were two ladies just in front of me one of them gave the beggar 2bond(well here in Zim it’s no longer much you can’t afford to buy bread with it) which was a very good move he would find something to buy like 3 tomatoes. Me and the Girls we were going in the same direction and the beggar was going the opposite direction. We parted ways and i heard the Girl who had donated some money saying “you will see someone placing a ten cent coin in that plate as if it can buy anything” the friend replied “that’s so true, people are really heartless”. For some reason I agreed with them in my mind. Then the moment i was convincing myself that they were right, God stopped me immediately. Guess what He Did!

He took me back to the story in Mark 12:41-44. The story of a widow who is said to have cast more than anyone else even when if it was 2 mites. They were many people casting in their treasury but She cast only two mites.. I had only heard of this story once so many years back but for some reason God reminded me of it this very day and at that very moment when i was about to live with a lie.

Then God Said to Me you see these girls they are no different from the people who were casting all they had. And the person who they are saying would be heartless would have given more because they would have given from the heart. So don’t agree with anything they are saying.

Then it hit me so hard that giving the little you have coming from the heart is really important and it means more in God’s eyes than just giving to be seen by the world and being full of yourself. Giving from the heart opens doors for great things.. The little you will give will make a great impact on someone’s life.

Give from the Heart. It matters!

Living In The Word

Today i visited a local church and it was my first time going there. As i reached the Church i met a couple of friendly people before i entered the church and i had a feeling i was going to have a good time. I had to sit in the Cry Room because we had a baby (me and my family).

I couldn’t wait for the word when i figured that the word was coming from John 16:12. At first i couldn’t get the hang of it and how the verse was connecting with the Theme of the Day. But i think i later did…

So the verse actually reads “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now”. So i got to think of it deeply and i think what The preacher was saying (in my own words) was we must learn to tolerate what is now because what we need so bad, we might not be able to handle it. So whatever situation you are now, whoever is annoying you now tolerate them. The preacher then went on to say As much as you might be likeable by many there is someone who really doesn’t like you and you probably annoy them but they tolerate you.

So As He was preaching there was lady who was also in The Cry her son was probably 6. The boy was really making all kinds of movements that were annoying and The Mother was on her phone since she entered that church until the end of the service. It really did annoy me. I was like but we have to concentrate for the next 1hr to 1hr30mins. Why can’t she just leave her phone and listen to the word for just a few minutes without using her phone. SHE probably has the next 20hrs with her phone, why can’t she wait until the service ends. As i was thinking that God took my mind back to the Word Tolerance. And as i was in that realm Of God telling me something i realised i really needed to start putting the word into action which was so Hard to Do. Maybe if she had not been on Her she was going to do something even worse and i wasn’t going to Handle it.

Then i realised God doesn’t bring us this kind if Word for Fun but he needs us to live in it and live the Word. It’s one thing Going to church and listening to the Word, And It’s also another thing hearing the word and it’s definitely another Thing living the Word. So we must really live in the word! Let’s live in The Word of God.

loving everyone

Matt 22:39 ….’thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself’

loving yourself is really easy. you know what you want , you what you don’t. when you are loving yourself you stay away from anything that might hurt you ,anything that might bring you pain, anything that can anger you. if its food you know the best food you love, the tastiest and you know where to get it. you know the kind of good music you want, the way you want to be loved,the way you want people to respond to you, the kind of comfort you need. All this you know about yourself because you love you. There is no way you are going to bring Harm to you because you love you. That love covers you and defends you from any toxic situation.

When Jesus was telling us to love our neighbours as much as we love ourselves he simply meant to treat others with kindness as we do to ourselves. The moment you understand the way you want to be loved it won’t be hard to love others. if being smiled at makes you feel some kind of a special person then you will smile at everyone, if you hate the idea of people keeping score to every bad thing you did and you were sorry for it you will never keep a record of that bad thing that one person did to you, if you love people to talk to you nicely and calm you will never respond harshly to anyone, if you love travelling you will travel with someone.

loving everyone can’t be so hard. it’s just matter of treating people the way you want to be treated. I love to be treated with respect, love, tenderness, care name anything that is good i love it. So i understand what i need and i try to do the same for others because i know the feeling. Just start by those little things , bring them a candy, bring them a cookie, bring them a cup of coffee, bring them a bottle of water, tell them you love them, tell them you are always going to be there for them in every way possible, give them a hug. These little things can change the way people thing. It starts with you , it Start with loving me ,and him and her the way you love yourself. This is what God wants us to Do. To give Love to everyone. Love Everyone as much as you love yourself.

God already showed us this Love in the most difficult way of giving up His Only Son. it can’t be hard for us to give up a smile, a hug, a bottle of water………Anything that will make them fell loved

Your Hour Has Not Come!

“then they sought to take: But No man laid Hands on Him, because his hour was not yet come. john 7:30 As Jesus was teaching they sought to kill but because his hour has not yet come no one, no man laid hands on Him. They had their own thoughts of capturing Jesus but God had His own Thoughts.

It’s really Important to understand God’s Timing and Season. If its not your season to be what you planning to do now then it’s not. Don’t look at the people next to you because they are excelling in life and you feel like you just following behind. Thats fine your Hour has not come. BUT keep in mind that when it has come nothing will stop you. Even those who were in front of you may start following behind you. Why? Because you season has arrived and nothing can stop that seed from Germinating.

People will ask how did this happen, how is it now He is In front? He is not supposed to be here! Where is He getting the money? He was poor, wasn’t bright! But hear this “Shall Christ Come out of Galilee?” John 7:41. I bet they least expected this. But Because God’s ways are higher than theirs and even His Thought He makes it possible even when it seem impossible! That’s just who He is and nothing will ever change that. When He Starts saying Yes, when he starts saying that Word you have been Looking for so bad the Wellsprings of the Holy Spirit will be seen.

“And some would have taken Him: but no man laid hands on Him”. John 7:44. They would have but didn’t and couldn’t.. Its really Important as a Christian ti Understand the meaning of seasons. The season you are in right now is only temporary. You are just walking through that valley of Death. You are not staying. Don’t think God has left you. Look around you His banner Over you Love. And love is patient and love can do anything. Love understands, love provides comfort. He is For You

#Your Time Will Come!

His ways and thoughts are always Higher Than Yours and they are Good!

His ways are always Higher

Everyday we make plans, we have our own thoughts and own ways that we plan to follow. Whenever we draft plans and ways in our minds they seem perfect and great. You tell yourself, “What could possibly Go Wrong?”. As young adults or big adults we plan I’m going to study this at the best university, I’m going to work at this great law firm, i will be this in the next 5 years. The Problem is we forget to listen to what God wants to do. Then we keep chasing the Winds thinking we will ever get hold of them but the truth is we will never. When we fail to get hold of the Winds we get Angry with God. But it’s not His fault you failed its your fault you never listened and you never asked what His ways were for you. The new plan might seem so different from the one you had planned and you feel like you have hit rock bottom and you are in pieces. But it’s ok! Just as The Heavens are Higher than the earth so are His Ways and Thoughts higher than ours. Everything about Him is Higher.👣